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Guidelines for Recycling and Trash Pick-Up

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In our constant effort to improve trash and recycling services, The Village of Walnut Creek and Waste Solutions and Recycling have developed guidelines for the residents we feel will be beneficial to all. Many of these guidelines are required by the Wayne County Landfill.

Trash Pick-up Tuesday for all residents (ALL TRASH MUST BE BAGGED)

Recycling Pick-up Thursday

1.  Trash containers and recycling bins should be in the same general area and visible from the street.

2.  No containers inside a resident's garage will be picked up unless special provisions have been agreed upon by the resident and Waste Solutions and Recycling.

3.  Trash day is TUESDAY.

4.  Recycle day is THURSDAY.

5.  Trash and recyclables are not to be mixed in the same bag.

6.  All trash MUST be in bags--no exceptions.

7.  Recyclable items should be separated in recycling bins; a list of recyclable items is available from the Village of Walnut Creek or Waste Solutions and Recycling.

8.  No yard waster, pine straw, leaves or limbs will be picked up:

A.  Burn them in your yard under close supervision.

B.  Take them to the county landfill.

C.  Take yard debris and limbs, not to exceed 3" in diameter, to the compost area near the Village of Walnut Creek sewage pumping station on Saturday between 8-5  or Wednesday between 1-5.

9.  Disposal of appliances, furniture and extra trash from moving in/out: by special request; payment of $25.00 to $50.00 to Waste Solutions and Recycling.  DO NOT leave these items on the side of the road!

10.  Disposal of liquids, paint in cans and thinners, appliances, furniture or pieces of steel and other metal: Residents must take these items to the landfill or hold for the semiannual trash moratorium which will be announced in the Village Newsletter (Spring & Fall).

11.  Building materials: residents must dispose of these items at the landfill.  DO NOT bring them to the compost or put them in the moratorium!

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