Village of Walnut Creek, North Carolina

Village Staff

September 7, 2000

Jacqui Whitmire

Village Clerk

Jacqui started in 2021. More details coming soon.

Peggy Page

Peggy is a Southern Florida native that relocated to Eastern North Carolina in 1980. Peggy and her husband, Tommy, reside in Deep Run, NC. Peggy has had a 20+ year career working in Insurance, first in Kinston with Hart Insurance and then with Wayne Realty and Insurance.

She then had an 18+ year career in the Non Profit sector, first as Chief Financial Officer for the Girl Scout Council of Coastal Carolina, Inc. and then as the Bookkeeper/Administrative Associate for the North Carolina Fisheries Association, Inc.

Peggy started with the Village of Walnut Creek in August 2017 and retired in August of 2021.

Last modified: May 16, 2022

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