Village of Walnut Creek, North Carolina

2024 Boat Permit & Lake Rules

February 8, 2024

How to get a Boat Permit

An updated boat permit application has been approved for distribution. Boat permits are restricted to Village of Walnut Creek property owners, renter/resident, or Country Club Members. Please complete and return this form to the Village Office with payment.

Key Points of the Lake Rules

  • Failure to comply with these rules may result in suspension of lake privileges and revocation of boat permits.
  • Lake Wackena and Spring Lake are owned by the Village and controlled by the Walnut Creek Police Department.
  • Spring Lake
    Use of Spring Lake is limited to residents and non-resident property owners and their immediate family members.
  • Lake Wackena
    Use of Lake Wackena is limited to:
    • 1) Walnut Creek residents and their immediate family members,
    • 2) non-resident property owners and their immediate family members, and
    • 3) WCCC members and their dependent family members.
  • No one shall be authorized to use Lake Wackena and Spring Lake unless accompanied by a person authorized to use such lakes as noted above.
  • Anything that floats (other than inflatable toys) and carries personnel is considered a boat and requires a boat permit.
  • Any boat going on the lake must be owned by a current resident, property owner or WCCC member.

Full details of all of the Lake Rules are found in the PDF download below.

For More Information…

Please contact the Village Clerk, if you have any questions. Use the link below to download the files, or you can always find these important documents and many more, in the Document Library.

2024 Rules for VWC Lakes

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2024 Boat Permit Application

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Last modified: February 8, 2024

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