Water Notification

Greetings to all – As you know, we have transferred over to Wayne Water District for our drinking water.  One of the many benefits of that arrangement is that our water supply is routinely tested for contaminants and it is held to very high standards.  Occasionally, a contaminant exceeds the level allowed by law.  That happened early last year and, if this was an emergency, we would have been notified right away.  It is not an emergency.  Benzo(a)pyrene was 1/10,000 milligram per liter over the amount allowed.  This substance is very common and is even found in charcoaled meats.  There is no reason to be concerned.  It is important to note that samples taken in the last six months of 2019 were below limits and continuous monitoring will be conducted over the next year.  Please read the attached notice thoroughly and if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me or the Village Administrator.  Rest assured that we will keep you posted of any changes to this situation which it seems may have already corrected itself.  Your safety is our utmost concern.

Attachment:  Drinking Water Notice 2020 Wayne Water

Councilman Stoney Sloan
Village of Walnut Creek

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