Hurricane Dorian Preparedness

Dear residents of Walnut Creek,

We find ourselves once again with the potential of dealing with another hurricane. Your Village Council and Village staff are in constant communication with county and state officials. We urge everyone to make the necessary precautions in anticipation of this hurricane. The Village staff has secured resources and reviewed the emergency action plans. In addition we have consulted with our engineers and service providers.

Lake Wakena

We will start lowering Spring Lake and Lake Wackena today @ 8:00 a.m. We plan to lower the water by 1 foot in spring Lake and 2 feet in Lake Wackena per the recommendations of Russ Bendell with Terracon, our consulting engineers.

We recommend that any resident with a boat on the lake, remove it immediately and store in a safe place, as the lake will be closed until further notice.

For more information on the Water Drawdown, please read this letter from Terracon.

Staff Readiness

The Village Staff has readied our equipment, fueled up vehicles, cleaned debris from storm drains, and prepared for this storm.

It appears that this may be a night time event. If so, we will have staff on standby overnight at the town hall.

We urge all residents to stay home during the storm. This is the safest place for you. We ask that once the storm has passed, please refrain from driving around to survey damage. Allow our Village staff to clear the roadways so that is safe to travel.

In Case of Emergency

If you have a need for assistance during the storm please call 911.

Public Safety Information

After the storm, if you need to contact us with non- emergency communications, see the contact information below.

In the interest of public safety, a Village wide permit is issued effective immediately for preparations for the hurricane. Residents will be allowed to perform actions deemed necessary after 6 p.m. and after the storm to facilitate clean up. The debris site will be opened today and remain open until cleanup is completed. Please utilize the normal debris by the boat ramp first. Others will be opened on an as-needed basis.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this time.

Village of Walnut Creek Council, Village Staff

Danny Jackson, Mayor


Non-Emergency Contact Information

Robert Parchman
919-738-3753 cell
919-778-9687 office

Darren Howery
919-738-3754 cell

Police Department – 919-778-9991
Officer David Wise – 919-222-8808
Officer Tim Barfield – 919-222-6232

Danny Jackson – 919-920-2276

Greg Ricker – 919-920-2583

John Seegars – 252-414-4426

Cyndi Dupuy – 919-440-9650

Progress Energy Outages – 800-419-6356

Animal Control – 919-731-1439


Water Drawdown Letter from Terracon