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October 2008

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The Village of Walnut Creek Council met in Regular Session, October 22, 2008 at 8:00 PM, 103 Village Drive.


Mayor Darrell Horne                           
Mayor Pro Tem Danny Jackson
Councilmember Tom Shaw                  
Councilmember Kathy Daniels             
Attorney Phil Baddour, Jr.                       
Clerk Cathy Woodson                         
Administrator Lou Cook


ALSO PRESENT:       Mr. David Sloan                       Mr. & Mrs. Ken Blackwell

                                    Mr. Woody Woodson              Ms. Anessa Myers (News Argus)



Mayor Darrell Horne called the regular meeting of the Village Council to order.


Councilmember Danny Jackson led the pledge of allegiance.


Mayor Horne asked for consent agenda for the October meeting and a motion was made by Councilmember Danny Jackson.  Motion passed. 


Mayor Horne then asked for a motion to accept the September Minutes and Financial Report.  Councilmember Kathy Daniels made the motion.  Motion passed.  


Mayor Horne introduced Mr. David Sloan, chairperson for the Planning Board. Mr. Sloan presented The Walnut Creek Planning Board revised “Outline to the Road Map 2018” which included various suggestions from residents from previous Town Hall meeting.  This document is attached to and made a part of these minutes.  Mr. Sloan commented on the great responses received from this evenings Town Hall meeting.  Mayor Horne thanked Mr. Sloan for a job well done.


Public Comments:


Mrs. Michelle Blackwell, 203 Tramway Place, commented on the need for a defibrillator for the Village as discussed in the Town Hall meeting.  She felt this is something that the Council should pursue.


Council Minutes, Page Two

October 22, 2008


Administrator Report:


Mr. Cook reported that Sarah King, Clean Water Management Trust Fund, may be meeting with Councilmember Greg Ricker and himself next week to discuss Storm Water management issues.


Mr. Cook stated, per the Mayor’s request, to do some comparison costs on the Pitney Bowes stamp machine we now have to one that self seals envelopes as well.  The cost difference is approximately $20 more per quarter, however; we still have fifty four months left on our current lease.


Mr. Cook announced that our 2007-2008 Financial Audits by Michael Jordan, Pittard, Perry and Crone is complete.  Mr. Jordan will present the Audit Report to Councilmembers at the next Council meeting in December.


Mr. Cook also announced that the Village has received our Powell Bill monies in the amount of $39,183.71.  Mayor Horne commented that as recipients of the Powell Bill Fund, the Village could not install speed bumps on any of our roadways.


Mr. Cook then requested a Closed Session meeting to pursue a personnel matter and consult with the Village attorney.

Clerk Report:

Ms. Woodson announced that she has already received four per cent (4%) of Tax bill monies FY 2008 and monies for last quarter Utility bills are steadily coming in every day.

Ms. Woodson stated that she would compile data showing actual costs for mailing out Utility bills and present to the Councilmembers at the next Council meeting.

Committee Reports:


Tom Shaw: 

Mr. Shaw thanked Mr. Sloan and the members of the Planning Board for a great job. Mr. Cook commented that we may not have all the answers right now but communication is the key.


Kathy Daniels:
  No report


Greg Ricker:  Absent due to death in the family


Danny Jackson: 


Councilmember Danny Jackson stated that Mitchell Morton, Foster Lake & Pond Management are in their final stages of completing their report.  They will be returning in two weeks accompanied by a representative from NC Wildlife Resources Commission to initiate approval for our grass carp.  Final report should be available for December’s


Council Minutes, Page Three

October 22, 2008


Council meeting.  Mr. Jackson also stated that this company mentioned to him that lowering of the Lakes will not improve the weed situation that we now have.  Mayor Horne commented that since residents are already anticipating the Lakes being lowered this year, we should continue as planned.  Councilmember Jackson stated that the scheduled lowering of the Wackena Lake will be the first Monday after New Years to the end of February.  Spring Lake will not be lowered this year unless there is a specific request for a partial lowering for building or repairing seawalls.  Councilmember Jackson asked that this information be provided in the November and December newsletters.


Old Business: none


New Business:


Councilmember Kathy Daniels introduced the purchase of defibrillators before the Council and suggested looking into the pricing, grants availability and budgeted monies.

Police Chief Staps commented that the cost would be in the $1200-$1500 range per defibrillator and that the Police Fund budget has monies allocated under security supplies.  Councilmember Jackson made a motion to purchase three defibrillators.  Discussions ensued on number of defibrillators actually needed.  Original motion reintroduced and carried.  Councilmember Shaw remarked that the CERT members could be trained in using them as well and announcements could be placed in newsletter.


Correspondences: none




Mr. Cook announced that today was Chief Delisa Staps last day in serving the Council and the Village as our Chief of Police; however, a farewell reception at the Town Hall is still pending.


Councilmember Jackson made a motion to go into closed session to discuss a personnel matter and consult with Village Attorney Baddour.  Motion passed.

Council back in session.


There being no further business to bring before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.



___________________________                              _________________________

    Clerk, Catherine Woodson                                             Mayor C. Darrell Horne


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