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August 2008

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The Village of Walnut Creek Council met in Regular Session, August 27, 2008 at 7:30 PM, 103 Village Drive.


Mayor Darrell Horne                           
Mayor Pro Tem Danny Jackson
Councilmember Greg Ricker                
Councilmember Kathy Daniels 
Councilmember Tom Shaw               
Attorney Phil Baddour, Jr.                               
Clerk Cathy Woodson                         
Administrator Lou Cook


ALSO PRESENT:       Mr. David Sloan                      
Ms. Olinda DeAraujo

                                    Ms. Anessa Myers (News Argus)



Mayor Darrell Horne called the regular meeting of the Village Council to order.


Councilmember Greg Ricker led the pledge of allegiance.


Mayor Horne asked for consent agenda for the August meeting and a motion was made by Councilmember Danny Jackson.  Motion passed. 


Mayor Horne then asked for a motion to accept the July Minutes and Financial Report.  Councilmember Danny Jackson made the motion.  Motion passed.  



Mayor Horne first addressed the Council in regards to the Town Hall meetings schedule.  These meetings in conjunction with the Planning Board will have direct interaction on a personal level with the residents of the Village of Walnut Creek to exchange ideas.  The Councilmembers were presented with a map of the Village.  This map was color coded into three different zones.  The schedule will be as follows: (green zone) September 24th, (orange zone) October 22nd, and (yellow zone) December 3rd. These meetings will be held prior to Council Meetings.  Mayor Horne stated that a copy of this map and schedule will be a part of this month’s newsletter.  The Mayor will also issue a letter to the residents of these individual groups.  All the Councilmembers concurred.  A copy of this map is attached to and made a part of these minutes.


Public Comments:
  No comments


Council Minutes, Page Two

August 27, 2008


Administrator Report:


Mr. Cook asked Council to revisit the financial report for certain transfers over the $1,000 limit requiring Council approval.  Mr. Cook recommended moving $7,000.00 from utility line item #780, to utility line item # 841 to cover costs of the pump stations repairs.  Councilmember Tom Shaw made the motion to carry forward with suggested movement of items.  Motion passed.


The Village’s Triathlon the first Saturday in August was well received and a great success.


Mr. Cook stated that he had spoken with Scott Edwards, Cox-Edwards, regarding engineering studies made by Terracon.  These studies are being delayed due to obtaining additional measurements. Councilmember Greg Ricker asked if they had given Mr. Cook any time frame.  Mr. Cook replied no, they had not due to the process of different departments having to give approval. 


Mr. Cook then requested a closed session later on in this council meeting.

Clerk Report:

Ms. Woodson reported that we have achieved a 104% collections rate on property tax bills.  Taxes on two parcels of land are still uncollected.  Certified and regular mailings have been sent out as well as a newspaper notice listing this delinquent tax has been run.

Ms. Woodson requested feedback from the Council on the changes made to the FY08-09 financial reports.  The council approved of the changes.  Councilmember Greg Ricker requested that an additional column be added to expense reports showing percentages of monies spent in relation to actual budgeted amounts.

Ms. Woodson presented the council with an alternative means of mailing out billings to consider. QuickBooks now has a new Billing Solutions program that will send invoices via US mail from QuickBooks for a monthly fee of $14.95 and 0.79 cents per invoice.  This transaction fee includes: printed invoice, postage, remit stub and return envelope.  This program will also enable the Village to accept credit card payments online and the property owners will have access to their own online accounts.  Mayor Horne requested that Ms. Woodson do a comparison analysis.

Committee Reports:


Tom Shaw: 

Mr. Shaw thanked Mr. Sloan and the members of the Planning Board for a job well done. The Planning Board is looking forward to working with the Council on the Town Hall Meetings.


Council Minutes, Page Three

August 27, 2008


Danny Jackson: 

Councilmember Danny Jackson presented correspondence from Mitchell Morton, Foster Lake & Pond Management.  Mr. Jackson and Mr. Cook met with Mr. Morton August 5th to discuss how to solve the vegetation growth in our Lakes.  Mr. Morton proposed two options.  The first is a proposal for an extensive initial survey of both lakes this fall. The cost is approximately $4,840.  The second is for stocking sterile grass carp in early spring in each lake for long-term vegetation control.  Cost is approximately $18,000.  Mr. Cook commented that he has tried to acquire other bids but there are no other companies like this one to obtain one.  Attorney Baddour stated that no other bids are required by the state.  Councilmember Jackson stated that he would like to obtain a proposal on a full lake maintenance plan from this company as well.  Councilmember Shaw made a motion to stock both lakes with the sterile carp.  Motion so passed.  The correspondence from Foster Lake & Pond Management is attached to and made a part of these minutes.


Kathy Daniels:  

Councilmember Kathy Daniels briefed the Council on the status of our progress regarding switching from an analog system to digital on the Lift Stations.  Antennas were temporarily installed at various sites with no improvement.  Further studies are underway.


Greg Ricker:

Councilmember Greg Ricker stated that he, Lou Cook, Darren Howery, Scott Edwards, and a TA Loving Co. representative met to discuss the dip in the road at the large dam.  TA Loving will take three measurements at different intervals to establish if there are any additional movements.  TA Loving has agreed that if no more settlement, they will repair.


Further discussion ensued on what projects will be addressed this year with the Powell Bill Funds.  Several recommendations were commented on, however; no determinations were made.  Decided to obtain more information from engineering reports before deciding.


New Business:


Mayor Horne would like for it to be noted that the Village has been notified through the newsletter that the toilet scrubbers that are advertized as flushable are creating problems within our sewer stations.


Councilmember Jackson made a motion to go into closed session.  Motion passed, (9PM) Council back in session, (9:15PM)


There being no further business to bring before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.



___________________________                              _________________________

    Clerk, Catherine Woodson                                             Mayor C. Darrell Horne


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