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March 2008

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The Village of Walnut Creek Council met in Regular Session, March 26, 2008 at 7:30 PM, 103 Village Drive.



Mayor Darrell Horne                           
Councilmember Kathy Daniels

Mayor Pro-Tem Danny Jackson          
Councilmember Tom Shaw

Administrator Lou Cook                      
Attorney Phil Baddour, Jr.

Clerk Cathy Woodson                                      



(Progress Energy Representatives)

Dan Oliver                    Keith Westbrook                                 

(Planning Board Committee Members)

Mr. Stoney Sloan         Mr. Craig Bowen         Mr. Woody Woodson 

(News Argus)  Ms. Anessa Myers

Chief Delisa Staps                               



Mayor Darrell Horne called the regular meeting of the Village Council to order.


Councilmember Kathy Daniels led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Mayor Horne then asked for consent agenda for the January minutes and financial report.  Danny Jackson made the motion and Tom Shaw seconded it.  The motion passed unanimously.


Open Comment:


There were no public comments.


Presentation of Franchise Agreement by Progress Energy:


County Manager, Carolina Power & Light Company, d/b/a Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc., Dan Oliver asked for approval of proposed franchise after second reading be granted by the Village of Walnut Creek. 

Council Minutes, Page 2

March 26, 2008


Danny Jackson made a motion to adopt the franchise agreement between the Village of Walnut Creek and Carolina Power & Light Company d/b/a Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc. and Kathy Daniels seconded it. 


Administrator Report:


After a discussion with Rod Butler, Engineer, JRB Engineering Associates, Mr. Cook was advised to present the purchase of property owned by NC Warehousing LLC before the council once more to reconsider this piece of property as an additional site for the extension of a well site. 

The property discussed is the extended area northwest of Well Site #2, located at Area C Section 8 between Lots 2 & 3 of the Village of Walnut Creek.  This property is approximately 18,135 square feet in size and the agreed upon price is $2.00 per square foot.  As part of this transaction, NC Warehousing LLC has agreed to donate to the Village of Walnut Creek the entire lot located in Area C Section C-10 between Lots 4 & 5 which is also the location of the small cemetery.

A motion was made by Mr. Danny Jackson, seconded by Mr. Tom Shaw to proceed with the purchase of aforementioned property.  This motion further granted NC Warehousing LLC an easement to allow their irrigation well to remain in its present location on this site.  Motion passed unanimously.

Attorney Phil Baddour requested that the closing take place at his office.


Mr. Cook announced that the Trash Moratorium is scheduled for April 5th through April 12th.  Trash Moratorium consists of articles that are not usually picked up during regular trash pick ups.  Mr. Shaw will post on our website.


Mr. Cook stated that he is presently working on next year’s budget.  He asked the council members to please advise him if he needs to add any item amounts to this proposed budget.


Mr. Cook next addressed our ETJ request.  Senator Kerr and Representative Braxton have received Mr. Cook’s letters of intent.  Senator Kerr has requested additional maps.  Representative Braxton stated that a Public Hearing is not a legal requirement but has requested one.  Attorney Phil Baddour mentioned that we will need to have a Public Hearing in April since session meets in May.  In order to introduce a local bill before the General Assembly, a public opinion will be needed.  A Public hearing announcement will also be required to run in the local newspaper.  A motion was made by Mr. Jackson to proceed with a Public Hearing and Ms. Daniels seconded.  Motion carried.


Mr. Cook announced that he would be out of the office on vacation the following week.


Mr. Cook reviewed several item transfers in present budget that needed council’s approval.  Mr. Danny so motioned for approval and Ms. Daniels seconded.  Motion carried.


Council Minutes, Page 3

March 26, 2008


Committee Reports:


Danny Jackson: Council Liaison Lake Committee


Mr. Jackson stated that he met with Barney Hale, the Terracon representative to study and develop a plan to modify the spillway structure to adjust the height of the spillway to 2 ½ feet.  The engineering and design package cost is a proposed $10,500. 


Mr. Jackson announced that both lakes have been sprayed by NaturChem.


Tom Shaw: Council Liaison Planning Board Committee


Mr. Shaw introduced “Stoney” Sloan, Chairperson, Planning Board Committee to address the council on some items that the committee is working on.  Mr. Sloan first addressed the “junk car issue” once more and stated that after Mr. Cook wrote letters to those residents, the “junk car issue” is no longer an issue.  All have agreed to remove these cars from sight.


Mr. Sloan then announced the Planning Board’s “Project 2018” which is a public resident questionnaire for what they would like to see the Village of Walnut Creek look like 10 years from now.  Each council member was handed a copy of the questions complied from different Planning Board members to give them an example of their project and asked the council members for their input.  Mayor Horne stated that he would like to see this sent out to everyone and have a Public Meeting after the draft is put together.  Mr. Jackson suggested mailing this questionnaire out including a stamped self-addressed envelope to ensure receiving the answers to this questionnaire.  Mr. Sloan said that he would have the finalized draft ready before next council meeting for review.


Mr. Sloan the introduced Craig Bowen, Planning Board committee member and chairperson for the Playground subcommittee.  Mr. Bowen presented the council with a power point presentation and handouts of his presentation to council members.  He reviewed options for our community such as a community center, park or recreation area and the costs involved with an array of projects.  He also explored different avenues of obtaining grant monies for these projects.


Kathy Daniels
: Water & Sewer


Ms. Daniels reviewed some problems with Well# 5 lab results showing high levels of Iron.  Rod Butler suggested to her that we may have to consider a filtration system but not sure at this point.


Ms. Daniels mentioned that currently we are investigating the best locations for Lift Stations.



Council Minutes, Page 4

March 26, 2008



Greg Ricker: Village Owned Properties

(Presented by Lou Cook in Mr. Ricker’s Absence)


Mr. Cook provided information on several ongoing projects.  The repair to Lake Shore Drive in front of the Country Club is finished.  The repairs of a road washout on Walnut Creek Drive has been repaired and are now determining cost to pass onto the developer.  Scott Edwards has determined that the settling on Mill Road at the emergency spillway is not due to design flaw but is merely settling.  Cost to be repaved is still to be determined.


Old Business:


Mr. Baddour presented the finalized copy of the Rules of Procedure for the Council.  A motion was made by Ms. Daniels and seconded by Mr. Jackson to adopt these Rules of Procedure.  A copy of the Rules of Procedure are attached to and made a part of these minutes.  The motion so carried.


New Business:


Mr. Jackson  moved to hire Terracon to do the proposed work on a plan to modify the spillway structure. Mr. Shaw seconded this motion and discussion ensued.  Mr. Cook advised that Attorney Baddour will need to review the said contract prior to approval.  Motion so carried.


There being no further business to bring before the Council, Mayor Horne declared the meeting adjourned.


                                                                                                Mayor C. Darrell Horne


Prepared by: Cathy Woodson, Clerk


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