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September (1) 2009

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The Village of Walnut Creek Council met in Regular Session, September 2, 2009 at 7:30 PM, 103 Village Drive.


Mayor Darrell Horne                             
Mayor Pro Tem Danny Jackson                       
Councilmember Kathy Daniels              
Councilmember Greg Ricker                            
Councilmember Tom Shaw                    
Administrator Lou Cook                                  
Clerk Cathy Woodson                          
Chief Ken Barrett


Residents in Attendance: Mr. & Mrs. Phil McLeod, Mr. & Mrs. Kim Webb, Mr. David Sloan, and Mr. Jim Clough     


Councilmember Greg Ricker led the pledge of allegiance.


Mayor Horne called the regular council session to order.  Mayor Horne then asked the Council for any comments, changes, or amendments that need to be added before accepting the consent agenda for the September meeting and the July 22nd Council minutes and July finance report.


Councilmember Greg Ricker asked to add the topic of forming an Investment Committee to the consent agenda under new business. Ricker mentioned that the Council has been talking about an increase to our investment which is why he would like to talk further with the Council about this issue.  Mayor Horne so noted the addition and asked for a motion to accept the consent agenda with this addendum and the July minutes and finance report.  Councilmember Jackson moved that the consent agenda, minutes, and finance reports be accepted.  After discussion, the motion passed unanimously.


Mayor Horne addressed the fact that no interest is still not showing on the financial report for our general and utility accounts.  Mayor Horne mentioned that Councilmember Ricker and Administrator Cook had met with Neil Benton of BB&T to negotiate an adjustment to our bank statements regarding bank interest being retro active to July 2009.  The Council asked Administrator Lou Cook to speak with Mr. Benton once again.


Mayor Horne addressed the Council regarding an MPO, Metropolitan Planning Organization, issue. Mayor Horne began by giving some background information regarding the MPO.  Mayor Horne presented before the Council, a proposal from Wayne County to add a second position on the TAC, Transportation Advisory Committee.  This additional member would increase “double” their representation.  Councilmember Jackson moved to vote “no” to adding an additional representative to TAC.  After discussion, the motion passed unanimously.   


Council Minutes, Page Two

September 2, 2009


Public Comments:  None


Mayor Horne welcomed the Village’s new residents, Kim & Nancy Webb, whom were in attendance.


Administrator Report:


Mr. Cook presented correspondence from American Legal Publishing announcing a five per cent increase to their annual charge.  This service provides codifications on a website.  The Village’s web site,
www.walnutcreeknc.com, does have a link established to their website to access all of the Villages’ Ordinances.  This annual charge will be $262.50 covering the time period of July 6, 2009 through July 6, 2010.


Mr. Cook also provided correspondence from Wayne County’s Chamber of Commerce presenting the “State of the Community” meeting, September 17th from 7:30 a.m. through 10:00a.m.  at Wayne Memorial Hospital.  The cost will be ten dollars per person.  Mayor Horne and Councilmember Ricker said that they were interested in attending.


Mr. Cook remarked that the annual Triathlon held August 8th was a great success and the Village received several positive comments on this event.


Mr. Cook presented a pamphlet prepared by Rod Butler, JRB Engineering, outlining the various options for expanding sewage service.  Councilmember Daniels led the discussion to consider all our options regarding this expansion.  Each councilmember was provided a copy to review.  A copy of this proposal is attached to and made a part of these minutes.


Mr. Cook asked to introduce a new community covenant.  Mayor Horne recommended that it be bought up in New Business.


Clerk Report: No Report


Committee Reports:


Tom Shaw: Planning Board Committee

Mr. Shaw yielded his time to Mr. Sloan, Planning Board Chairperson.  Mr. Sloan gave a quick update on the Planning Board’s progress: Still working on speed control with the Police Department, additional signage has been posted at Compost site, discussing a possible permit process for open air burning, increased lightning has been installed throughout the community, still waiting for DOT’s input  on signage, looking into painting golf cart crossings, using uniform signs at these crossings, and possibly using the Boy Scouts to make these uniform signs, the first draft of a welcome package has been presented, Landscape Design may provide a detail land survey of a recreational area free of charge, and ideas for Village Socials include a get together the weekend before Thanksgiving with the Councilmembers cooking and serving and neighbors bringing potluck side dishes. This function would piggy back a charity event by making the Town Hall Christmas tree an “Angel Tree.”


Council Minutes, Page Three

September 2, 2009


Danny Jackson: Lake Committee

Mr. Jackson submitted a question from Mr. Clough, Lake Committee Chairperson.  The Lake Committee asked if the Council would consider granting permission for non-Spring Lake Residents to use that lake since both lakes are maintained by the Village’s tax dollars.  Several reasons were given as why that could not be a possibility such as: Spring Lake is only accessible to owners around Spring Lake, there is no public access or boat ramp since the Village owns no property around this Lake, and the Dam Safety Office, DENR, would not approve having a boat ramp built from the Spring Lake Dam.


Greg Ricker: Village Owned Properties   No Report


Kathy Daniels: Water and Sewage 

Ms. Daniels moved that the Council investigate all options before going any further with Rod Butler, JRB Engineering, recommendations.  After discussion, the motion passed unanimously.


Old Business:


New Business:

Investment Committee:

Councilmember Ricker proposed that the Council initiate an Investment Committee.  Mr. Ricker stated that after a five to six month dialog with BB&T and our Auditor, he determined that it would be in the best interest of the Village to form this committee due to the fact that there are limits on what the Village can invest in and what is not allowed by State Statutes.  This committee would serve to better maximize the return on the Village’s Funds.  Mr. Cook recommended consulting with residents within the Village that have experience with banking investments. Mayor Horne appointed Councilmembers Ricker and Jackson along with Administrator/Finance Officer Lou Cook to head up this committee.

Proposed Community Covenant:

Mayor Horne presented a proposal from the American Legion for a Village of Walnut Creek Armed Forces Community Covenant.  This covenant is a non-political commitment to recognize and support our men and women in uniform and their families.  Councilmember Jackson moved to accept this Community Covenant.  After discussion, the motion passed unanimously.  This Community Covenant is attached to and made a part of these minutes. 

Walnut Creek
Web Site Proposal:

Administrator Cook presented a proposal from Sean Geelen, who is a resident and owner of Geelen Network Systems, to design and maintain the Village’s web site.  Mayor Horne determined that since this is not a budgeted item, Mr. Cook will need to look over the budgeted items available and determine if this cost is even feasible at this time.  Mayor Horne asked Mr. Cook to place on September’s agenda.



The Council received a Thank You from the YMCA.  Letter attached to minutes.


There being no further business to bring before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.


__________________________                         _________________________

    Clerk, Catherine Woodson                                     Mayor C. Darrell Horne


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