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July 2009

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The Village of Walnut Creek Council met in Regular Session, July 22, 2009 at 7:30 PM, 103 Village Drive.


Mayor Darrell Horne                             
Mayor Pro Tem Danny Jackson                       
Councilmember Kathy Daniels              
Councilmember Greg Ricker                            
Councilmember Tom Shaw                    
Administrator Lou Cook                                  
Chief Ken Barrett


Clerk Cathy Woodson was absent for this Council meeting.


Residents in Attendance: Mr. & Mrs. Phil McLeod      


Councilmember Tom Shaw led the pledge of allegiance.


Mayor Horne called the regular council session to order.  Mayor Horne then asked the Council for any comments, changes, or amendments that need to be added before accepting the consent agenda for the July meeting and the June 24th Council minutes and finance report.


Councilmember Greg Ricker commented on the budgeted year end, FY2008-2009, General Revenue, and Expenditure sections of the financial report.  The total revenue actually collected was less than the anticipated budgeted amount by approximately $10,700 and the General Expenditures showed an excess of approximately $14,500 over the budgeted amount.  In conclusion, approximately $25,000 had to be pulled from the General Contingency Fund to make up the difference.


Councilmember Ricker also commented on the loss of revenue from Sewer charges being eliminated, due to the pre-payment of $180 previously, during the first quarter FY2009-2010.  Mr. Ricker questioned the approximate amount collected per quarter.  Councilmember Daniels answered by giving him the amount of $30,000; however, that amount is uncertain.  An estimated amount can be given after receiving the next quarters billing invoices for sewer. 


Administrator Mr. Cook asked Council to accept the Budget Ordinance Amendments for certain transfers over the $1,000 limit requiring Council approval.  Mr. Cook recommended amending the General Fund by moving $1,400.00 from general line item #102, Attorney fees, $1,200.00 to general line item #113, State Retirement, and $200.00 to general line item# 105, Telephone-Beeper Rental.  Mr. Cook also recommended amending the General Fund by moving $1,400.00 from general line item# 260, Shop Supplies, $700.00 to general line item# 210, Equipment Maintenance, $300.00 to general


Council Minutes, Page Two                              Amended Council minutes 9/30/09

July 22, 2009


line item# 204, Fuels-Maintenance, and $400.00 to general line item# 201, Electricity.  This amendment is to appropriate additional funds needed to balance out budgeted items for the end of the FY2008-2009.  Councilmember Kathy Daniels asked that the motion to carry forward with suggested movement of items and accept the June financial report, July Consent Agenda, June Council meeting minutes. Motion so passed.


Councilmember Ricker commented that Neil Benton, Vice President BB&T, has changed our contract regarding interest on monies deposited, effective July 2009.  The Village should receive approximately $70.00 a month interest on our General and Utility banking accounts.  Mr. Ricker commented that is the best the bank can do due to the type of insurance needed for investment protection.  Mr. Neil Benton recommended to Mr. Ricker that the Council set up an Investment Committee to develop some type of policy for the Village.


Public Comments:  None


Mayor’s Comments:


Mayor Horne asked the Council to have Attorney Phil Baddour address them regarding a proposed Ordinance regarding minimum standards for housing in the Village due to the recent house fire within the Village. 


Mr. Baddour stated that he researched the Institute of Government, the Building Inspectors for Wayne County, and the City of Goldsboro Ordinance.  The Ordinance presented before the Council is similar to the City of Goldsboro’s’ but is not the same.  The Village’s Ordinance tracks exactly with the North Carolina General Statute.  Mr. Baddour covered some main points given within the Ordinance.  A resident will be given ninety days and are required to repair or re-construct their dwelling.  The NC General Statute states two basic circumstances that are defined as follows:


1) Deteriorated-A dwelling that is unfit for human habitation and can be repaired, altered, or improved to comply with all the minimum standards established by this chapter at a cost not in excess of 50% of its value, as determined by finding of the Building Inspector.

2) Dilapidated-A dwelling that is unfit for human habitation and cannot be repaired, altered, or improved to comply with all of the minimum standards established by this chapter at a cost not in excess of 50% of its value, as determined by finding of the Building Inspection.


In either case, the owner has a choice to repair or remove.  A copy of this Ordinance is attached to and made a part of these minutes.


Mr. Baddour also presented to the Councilmembers an inspection agreement between the Village of Walnut Creek and Wayne County Manager.  This agreement does not require a public hearing and can be signed by the Village’s Administrator Lou Cook and will be effective immediately upon signage. Councilmember Ricker moved that the Housing-Minimum Standards Ordinance be adopted and that Agreement between the Village of Walnut Creek and the Wayne County be approved.  A copy of the Ordinance and the Agreement are attached to and made a part of these minutes.  After discussion, the motion passed unanimously.  (Revision made September 2009 per Attorney Phil Baddour)


Council Minutes, Page Three

July 22, 2009


Administrator Report:


Mr. Cook presented a Resolution to the Council regarding monies the Utility Fund borrowed in the past from the General Fund to construct a sewage force main to the City of Goldsboro which required the Village to purchase 100,000 gallons of capacity per day at the Goldsboro Waste Water Treatment facility.  The Utility Fund has not been in a suitable financial position to repay this loan as previously agreed.  Therefore, this Resolution declares that the Village of Walnut Creek hereby absolves the debt clearly and completely as of June 30, 2009.  Councilmember Jackson motioned to accept this Resolution to absolve the debt as of June 30th.  Motion so passed. 
A copy of this Resolution is attached to and made a part of these minutes. 


Mr. Cook reported that he has received positive comments on Spring Lake from Village residents.  There are still working on certain areas of Lake Wackena.


Mr. Cook reminded everyone that the annual Triathlon will be August 8th starting at 8:00 a.m.


Mr. Cook stated that he has contacted Rod Butler, JRB Engineering, at the request of the Council; to relook at applying for stimulus monies available to help with the expenses of renovating two Lift Stations.


Mr. Cook reported on the dealings of trespassers using the Village’s lakes.


Clerk Report:


Mr. Cook informed the Council that Mrs. Woodson has been revising a template for the financial report for the FY2009-2010 Budget including changes requested by the Council.


Committee Reports:


Tom Shaw: 

Mr. Shaw announced that the Planning Board is currently working in conjunction with their Councilmember counterparts on their second phase of the 10 year plan.


Danny Jackson:

Mr. Jackson stated that he has been working with his Planning Board counterpart regarding the Compost Center.  Suggestions have been made to him regarding better signage for separating drop points for leaves, clippings, and shrubs.  Mr. Jackson said that he concurred with these suggestions.


Regarding Police Department business, Mr. Jackson reported that a trespasser accessing the lake was given permission by a resident; however, he was on another resident’s property.  A letter was sent out to the homeowner and the matter is resolved.


Mr. Jackson reported on a Lake Committee issue regarding boat permits requiring a trailer registration.  Mr. Jackson stated that having the registration number for boat trailers serves no purpose since the trailer sticker corresponds with the same number as the boat sticker for verification.  Mr. Jackson recommended dropping this requirement next year for those qualified to use the lakes of Walnut Creek.

Council Minutes, Page Four

July 22, 2009


Mr. Jackson addressed a safety issue regarding wearing protection gear while jet-skiing on the lake.  A North Carolina statute states that personal safety protection must be worn and the Villages’ Police Department can enforce this requirement.  Another situation occurring on the lake regards the number of people authorized to ride within a boat.  Many are not aware that if a boat is pulling others behind the boat, those being pulled must be counted as passengers as well.  Mr. Jackson addressed Chief Barrett regarding his Boat Safety classes being offered now at the Village’s Town Hall.


Police Chief Ken Barrett

Chief Barrett stated that the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has a new law requiring all those under sixteen must attend a Boat Safety Class before they can Jet Ski.  Since this is considered mandatory, Chief Barrett has made arrangements to have classes available for the Village of Walnut Creek residents and their children.


Greg Ricker: 

Mr. Ricker commented that he has been meeting with his Planning Board counterpart as well regarding signage issues within the Village.


Mr. Ricker stated that the current pot holes within the Village have been filled at this time.


Mr. Ricker mentioned that he has received complaints regarding the landscaping at the front entrance.  Mr. Ricker explained that he is planning on speaking with the landscaping company to make our expectations clearer.


Kathy Daniels: 

Ms. Daniels stated that she and her Planning Board counterpart have been discussing having a “Village Cook Out”; planning an event that will get residents out and about to meet with each other.


Mayor Horne:

Mr. Horne also wanted to mention that he has met with his Planning Board counterpart regarding open air burning issues.  Due to not having any other means of having yard debris picked up, open air burning cannot be eliminated; however, other means of compromise can be addressed by having certain days to burn and/or requiring burning permits.


Old Business:


New Business:

Mayor Horne designated Councilmember Daniels to oversee the Village’s involvement with the Walnut Creek Country Club’s Festival occurring September 12th.



Correspondences: None


There being no further business to bring before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.


__________________________                         _________________________

    Clerk, Catherine Woodson                                     Mayor C. Darrell Horne


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