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April 2009

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The Village of Walnut Creek Council met in Regular Session, April 22, 2009 at 7:30 PM, 103 Village Drive.


Mayor Darrell Horne                            
Mayor Pro Tem Danny Jackson                       
Councilmember Kathy Daniels              
Councilmember Greg Ricker                
Attorney Phil Baddour, Jr.                     
lerk Cathy Woodson                                
Administrator Lou Cook                                                                                  
Chief Ken Barrett                                
Officer Bryan Belden


ABSENT:  Councilmember Tom Shaw


Mr. David Sloan                                  
Mr. Woody Woodson                                     
Mr. Phil McLeod                                  
Anessa Myers, News Argus
Representatives of three Fire Departments: Elroy, Pinewood, and New Hope                           

Mayor Horne called the regular meeting of the Village Council to order.


Councilmember Danny Jackson led the pledge of allegiance.


Mayor Horne addressed the representatives of Elroy, Pinewood, and New Hope Fire Departments on how they handled the recent fire in Walnut Creek.  He introduced them as special guests.  The Council recognized them for an outstanding job and extend the Councils appreciation and gratitude.  Mayor Horne mentioned the response time of 8 minutes was remarkable.


Steve Mozingo, Chief of Elroy Fire Department, mentioned that the last fire in Walnut Creek was approximately 25 years ago on Dogwood Trail.  Mr. Mozingo stated that they salvaged 90% to 95% of the Lake Shore residents’ belongings and he also would like to thank the other fire departments for their help.


Mayor Pro Tem Jackson stated that he was once a volunteer fireman himself and can appreciate their dedication.  Jackson also stated that he was present at the fire site and watching their responses was absolutely phenomenal and he appreciated what they do for others.


Mayor Horne asked for a motion to accept the consent agenda for the April meeting and the March minutes.  Councilmember Jackson so motioned.  Motion passed.  


Council Minutes, Page Two

April 22, 2009


Administrator Mr. Cook asked Council to accept the Budget Ordinance Amendment for certain transfers over the $1,000 limit requiring Council approval.  Mr. Cook recommended amending the General Fund by moving $2,000.00 from general line item #540, Engineering Consultant Fees, to general line item #107, General Supplies & Copier.  Mr. Cook also recommended moving $5,500.00 from general line item #370, Composting Project to general line item #132, Part-Time Maintenance.  This amendment is to appropriate additional funds needed for salaries and administrative expenses. Councilmember Ricker made the motion to carry forward with suggested movement of items and accept the March financial report.  Motion passed.


Mayor Horne introduced Mr. David “Stoney” Sloan, Planning Board Chairperson, to speak.  Mr. Sloan presented the Planning Board’s completed first phase of the “Road Map.”  Presentation attached to and made a part of these minutes.  Mr. Sloan thanked the Mayor for already implementing some of these actions. Mr. Sloan also thanked the Planning Board for their inputs and doing a professional job with their segments. Mr. Sloan also thanked the residents for their responses.  Mr. Sloan stated that he hoped the Council will be pro-active on some of the tough decisions. Mr. Sloan stated that all Planning Board members were in complete agreement with this plan.  Mr. Sloan said that he looked forward to the Councilmembers meeting with the Planning Board for their recommendations.  Mayor Horne returned the remark by saying that he was looking forward to this meeting as well.  The Council will review the Planning Boards first phase and will be prepared for any discussion at the Planning Board Meeting. 


Public Comments:


Woody Woodson, 100 Breezewood Drive, commented as a Planning Board member he felt there were still some issues that needed the Councils input.  Mr. Woodson stated that he did not want to see the Planning Board go down a road that the Council may not approve of in the best interest of the Village as a whole.  Mr. Woodson thanked the Council for agreeing to meet with the Planning Board.  Mr. Woodson stated that he looked forward to their insight and direction.


Administrator Report:

Mr. Cook stated that the Village’s Trash Moratorium, April 4th – 11th, collected another hot tub this year.  Mr. Cook stated that he looked into the County Moratoriums and they all did not accept liquid materials.  The Village does accept liquid materials in the form of used paint.

Mr. Cook announced the date for the next Budget Workshop will be May 20th at seven o’clock P.M.  A notice will be sent out announcing the Budget Work Shop as well as the meeting of the Council with the Planning Board.  Attorney Phil Baddour stated that the Budget should be finalized at the Budget Work Shop meeting; therefore, he will run a Public Hearing Notice for adoption of the Budget.

Mr. Cook reported that Foster Lake Management Company will be spraying Spring Lake for Bladderwort and Milfoil. Flyers will be distributed to those residents living on Spring Lake warning them that they may be affected if they irrigate from the lake.  Mitch Morton, Foster Lake Management, stated that Lake Wackena is looking great.

Council Minutes, Page Three

April 22, 2009

Mr. Cook announced that tonight would be Anessa Myers last Council meeting as a designated reporter for the News Argus.  Mayor Horne stated his appreciation to Ms. Myers for her faithfulness to this Council.

Clerk Report:

Ms. Woodson reported that a list of 2008 delinquent taxes has been distributed to Councilmembers.  Ms. Woodson stated that she has sent letters to these residents stating their names may be listed in News Argus if not paid by May 1st.

Committee Reports:


Tom Shaw:  No report (absent)


Kathy Daniels:  No report


Danny Jackson:


Mr. Jackson reported on the assigned Compost Center Committee with Councilmember Greg Ricker.  Councilmembers Jackson and Ricker met with Administrator Lou Cook, Police Chief Ken Barrett and Maintenance Supervisor Darren Howery to go over the document of proposed rules being set up for the Compost Center.  A copy of these rules are attached to and made a part of these minutes.  The Compost Center is scheduled to re-open Saturday, May 2nd.  Signage will be made to announce the re-opening and signage with rules attached will be posted.  Days of operation will be Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Wednesdays, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Permission to enter during other hours can be obtained from Village Staff by calling the Town Hall.  A letter to all residents will also be sent out.  This letter is attached to and made a part of these minutes.  Some discussion ensued.  The Council suggested advising landowners of proposed notices as well.  Administrator Cook mentioned that the Police Department will have a master list of residents; vehicle stickers and drivers licenses to identify residents.


Greg Ricker:  No report


Old Business:


New Business:

Mr. Cook reminded the Councilmembers of an invitation for them to attend the State of the Community Meeting at the Goldsboro City Hall, May 7th at eight o’clock A.M.

Correspondences: None



There being no further business to bring before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.



__________________________                         _________________________

    Clerk, Catherine Woodson                                     Mayor C. Darrell Horne


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