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March 2010

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The Village of Walnut Creek Council met in Regular Session, March 24, 2010 at 7:30 PM, 103 Village Drive.



Mayor Darrell Horne                                        Councilmember Tom Shaw

Councilmember Greg Ricker                             Councilmember Russ Prys

Administrator Lou Cook                                   Clerk Cathy Woodson                         

Chief Ken Barrett                                            


Not Present: Mayor Pro-Tem Danny Jackson


Residents in Attendance:  None


Also present: Mr. David Sloan, Planning Board Chairperson and Mr. Chris Pendergraph, NC DOT, Wayne County Maintenance Department


Councilmember Russ Prys led the pledge of allegiance.


Mayor Horne called the regular council session to order.  Mayor Horne asked for a motion to approve the March agenda and February minutes.  Councilmember Greg Ricker made the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Mayor Horne then asked if there were any Budget Ordinance Amendments to consider before reviewing the February Financial Report.  Clerk Woodson confirmed and asked Council to accept a certain transfer over the $1,000 limit requiring Council approval.  Ms. Woodson recommended amending the General Fund by moving $1,500.00 from general line item #260, Shop Supplies, to general line item #210, Equipment Maintenance.  Councilmember Ricker moved to carry forward with suggested Amendment to the Budget.  Mayor Horne then asked for a motion to accept the February Financial Report.  Councilmember Shaw made the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  Councilmember Ricker recommended the CD reflected in the Utility Account not be renewed in July.


Public Comments:  None


Planning Board Committee Report:

Planning Board Chairperson, David Sloan expressed his appreciation for the Council’s consideration for monies allotted for some “Road Map” agendas in next years budgeted


Council Minutes, Page Two

March 24, 2010


line items.  The Planning Board’s number one agenda FY 2011 will be putting together a proposal for an Architectural Landscape Committee for presentation to the Council.


NC Department of Transportation Report:

NC DOT Wayne County Maintenance Supervisor, Mr. Chris Pendergraph, reported on road maintenance recommendations for the roads in Walnut Creek.  Mr. Pendergraph stated that the Village’s roads were overall in good condition and there were few structural conditions.  Mr. Pendergraph gave a power point presentation regarding a preventive road maintenance program that Wayne County is currently using.  Mr. Pendergraph also documented some problems areas that exist within the Village such as drainage issues, out dated and improper signage, and weak areas in the pavement of roadways.  Mr. Pendergraph recommended the replacement of all Stop Signs in the Village and suggested replacing only six to ten a year.  Mr. Pendergraph has provided the Village his written report on road maintenance recommendations which is attached to and made a part of these minutes.


Mr. Pendergraph was questioned about the replacement of the Wackena Bridge.  Mr. Pendergraph stated that the project start date should be November 1, 2011 and the construction time frame should be four months.  Information on this project can be found on the following web site: http://www.ncdot.gov/projects/ and click on project details.


Administrator Report:

Administrator Cook reported that he and Councilmember Shaw attended a Grant Sharing Program sponsored by Senator Kay Hagen in Kinston.  Mr. Cook stated that according to their specifications, the per capita of the Village of Walnut Creek exceeds the limits required where the Village would qualify for grants.


Administrator Cook announced the Easter Sunrise Service will begin at 6:45 this year on April 4th.  Mr. Cook informed the Council that Neil Dupuy will read the Scripture, Tom Shaw will be singing, Woody Woodson is presenting the Sermon, and Sue Fallin will be providing doughnuts and juice.


Clerk Report:

Ms. Woodson asked the Council to note some specific items in the finance report.  These items are as follows: Utility Account-An interest amount is now showing on the Bank statement and a Service Fee of $25.90 has been refunded.  General Account-A service Fee of $30.85 has also been refunded and monies have been transferred from the CD Accounts into the General Account.


Ms. Woodson stated that the Tax Revenue from Property Taxes is now at 93.56 %.  Ms. Woodson handed out a list of those currently delinquent to the Councilmembers and included an instructional guide to the proper steps needed to be taken when dealing with delinquent Property Taxes.  Ms. Woodson stated that this guide was put together in conjunction with Will Spicer from Attorney Phil Baddours’ office.  Ms. Woodson reported, upon the confirmation of the Mayor and Council that she has sent out a “30 Day

Notice Letter” dated March 1 along with the regular billing invoice for these delinquent accounts.   


Council Minutes, Page Three

March 24, 2010


Police Report – Chief Ken Barrett


Chief Barrett reported that the Village’s Police Department received fourteen calls last month.

Chief Barrett reviewed classes held this month:

1) March 6th-The Concealed Weapons Class had a great turnout with fourteen in attendance.

2) March 16th-The Operation Med Drop Off program went fairly well for the first time.

3) March 20th-The Boat Operating Permit Class was another good turnout consisting mostly of youngsters.  The next class schedule will be determined after Turkey Season.


Chief Barrett stated that the next Crime Watch meeting will be April 13th.  Wildlife Officer Josh will be reviewing new boating laws.


Chief Barrett reported that he received notice regarding the D-Fibs software needing to be updated and he complied with their instructions.  The battery life is at 79 to 80% which means that they will need to be replaced next year.


Chief Barrett announced that he will be taking new applicants for CERT training.  Once he has several residents interested, he will set up training sessions.


In conclusion, Chief Barrett reminded everyone that Boat Stickers are now available.


Committee Reports:


Tom Shaw: Webmaster, Village Owned Properties & Equipment  

 Mr. Shaw stated that the Village will look at starting some of the DOT’s recommendations on drainage work and road repairs.  Mayor Horne suggested having the Village’s Engineers, Cox-Edwards, take a look over the recommendations as well.


Greg Ricker: Water & Sewer – Investment Committee 

No report


Russ Prys: Planning Board

 No report


Danny Jackson: Lake Committee, Police Commissioner, Cable    

No report


Old Business:  

1.) Councilmember Ricker updated the Council regarding his communications with Sean Geelen, Geelen Network Systems, regarding the web site proposal presented before the Council last month.  Mr. Ricker stated that Mr. Geelen’s proposal included hosting the Village’s website; at present, we currently use Network Solutions which incorporates the NC Statues into our website.  Mr. Ricker has asked Mr. Geelen to present the Council with another proposal for just using Network Solutions with the proposed website design.


Council Minutes, Page Four

March 24, 2010


2.) Administrator Cook announced that three out of ten candidates have been chosen to be interviewed for the Village’s Clerk position.  These interviews will begin next week.


3.) Councilmember Prys updated the Council regarding a meeting set up with Mitchell Morton, Foster Lake & Pond Management Co., to address the stagnant areas of both Lakes.  Mr. Morton quoted them a price of $75 for a three acre treatment.  Mr. Prys also mentioned that Mr. Doug Sutton has volunteered to provide two aeration pumps for the upper end of Lake Wackena.  The Lake Committee will be meeting week after next and Mr. Prys stated that he will present his findings to them.


New Business:

1.) Attorney Baddour advised the Council regarding a small parcel of land at the end of Dobbs Place which has outstanding taxes.  The owner/developer is deceased and the company has filed for bankruptcy.  A discussion ensued regarding whether the Village should attempt to purchase the property.  A motion was made to make the purchase and during discussion, Mr. Baddour recommended the Village administrator contact the adjacent property owners to see if they were interested in the property.  At the same time, he would contact the trustee to possibly facilitate the connection between all parties.  The motion to purchase was withdrawn.


2.) Mayor Horne stated that a $3,000 pledge was given by the Village to “Impact Wayne” in 2007 and payments were to be made in $1,000 increments per year.  Mayor Horne announced that the Village has just made their last pledge payment.



Correspondence/ Announcements:



There being no further business to bring before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.




__________________________                         _________________________

    Clerk, Catherine Woodson                                     Mayor C. Darrell Horne


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