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July 2010

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The Village of Walnut Creek Council met in Regular Session, July 28, 2010 at 7:30 PM, 103 Village Drive.



Mayor Darrell Horne

Mayor Pro-Tem Danny Jackson                       Councilman Tom Shaw

Councilman Greg Ricker                                   Councilman Russ Prys

Administrator Lou Cook                                   Clerk Sharon Geelen


Attorney Phil Baddour                         

Chief Ken Barrett


Residents in Attendance: Jeff Wharton, Phil & Idie McLeod

Councilman Russ Prys led the pledge of allegiance.


Mayor Darrell Horne called the regular council session to order. Mayor Horne asked that Administrator Cook talk about the Budget Ordinance Amendment for June. 


Mr. Cook explained the Budget Ordinance Amendment for June had several adjustments that were needed to balance the end of year statement.  He also explained that we paid all of June’s invoices prior to the 30th and moved up several purchases that were to be in the 2010-2011 fiscal year.  


Mayor Pro-Tem Danny Jackson motioned to approve the Budget Ordinance Amendment.  The motion passed unanimously.


Councilman Ricker asked if we could discuss the Finance Report.  He discussed the areas that we were short on revenue and the fact that we did receive a small Alcohol and Beverage Tax check, but that it was not nearly what we had budgeted.  Also he asked that the totals for the year on the report be verified.  Councilman Ricker asked Mr. Cook about the CD that had come up for renewal in July was cashed and deposited into the General Checking Account.  It was determined by the investment committee that the interest rate earned in the checking account was actually better than what the bank was offering for the CD. 


Councilman Prys asked about the insurance and was told by Mr. Cook that we are actually going to come in a little less than last years insurance due to a change in coverage and personnel. 


Council Minutes, Page Two

July 28th, 2010


There was discussion regarding the balancing of the budget and producing an end of year report that reflects the projected revenues less expenses, verses actual revenues less expenses.  This would illustrate a truer picture of our budgetary process.   


Danny Jackson motioned that the June minutes and Finance Report be approved.  The motion passed unanimously.


Public Comments:  None


Planning Board Committee Report:


Jeff Wharton sat in for Stony Sloan.  Mr. Wharton briefed the council on the following items; compost (no report), Open Air Burning Flyer, Welcome Committee, Village Social, Recreation Area, Road Signs, Golf Cart Crossings, Joint Session with the Council, Mail Box Beautification, NC Green Initiatives, and Road Maps.  Mayor Horne said that he would assign a councilmember to Phase II of the Road Map project by next council meeting.


Administrator Report:


Administrator Cook reported that the Triathlon was scheduled for August 7th.  He also handed out the proposed fee schedule for deposits and returned checks.  Utility deposit $100, Recycle container deposit $50 and returned check fee of $35.  Councilman Ricker also asked if Darren would make a template to identify the recycle containers as being property of the Village of Walnut Creek. 


Councilman Prys motioned to approve all three fees as written effective August 1st, 2010.  The motion passed unanimously.


Two ordinances were presented to the council which are attached to the minutes.


The first was to amend that the clerk report directly to the Administrator but that the council remain in charge of appointing the clerk.


Mayor Pro-Tem Jackson motioned to approve the ordinance.  The motion passed



The second ordinance was to require residents to hook up to sewer if it runs within 200 feet of their homes. 


Councilman Ricker motioned to approve the ordinance.  The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Cook also said that he and the clerk went to Attorney Phil Baddour’s office to make sure the codification of all ordinances was current. 


He also stated that he has gotten Sean Geelen, of Geelen Network Systems, LLC to sign the non-disclosure agreement with the Village. 


Council Minutes, Page Three

July 28th, 2010


Mr. Cook reported on the amount of time and money spent on the front and rear entrances’ by the maintenance staff.  He also pointed out that with the maintenance staff having to spend time on the entrances’ that some small jobs are falling behind and not getting done.  Mayor Horne asked Mr. Cook to update the council monthly. 


Mr. Cook also brought up the fact that since May 1st 2010 the office has been open until 5:30 daily, and have had no residents to come to the office after 5 o’clock.  The council said the office can go back to closing at 5:00pm, but they would still like the office to remain open during lunch time.



Clerk Report:


Ms. Geelen stated that the Tax Revenue from Property Taxes is now at 97.96% collected.  There are only 2 residents that have not paid and Will Spicer at Attorney Baddour’s office is working on it. 


We have had several residents call and question their utility bills.  We have had 2 defective meters that Darren has replaced, and one resident request a waiver which Councilman Ricker is currently working on.  We have collected approximately 50% of utility payments.  Ms. Geelen also stated that there have been six homes in Walnut Creek that were for sale that have closed in the month of July. 



Police Report – Chief Ken Barrett


There were no crimes to report.  There will be a hand gun safety class for females in August, open to females 18 and older.  The next CERT team meeting is August 3rd, 2010 from 7:00-10:00 pm.  There is another boater safety class August 5th & 6th from 6:00-9:00 pm. The annual triathlon is scheduled for August 7th.  There is also a concealed weapons class for $50 on August 21st and there will be a Hunter safety class the last Saturday in August. 


Committee Reports:


Tom Shaw: Webmaster, Village Owned Properties & Equipment  


Councilman Shaw reported that several of the roads in Walnut Creek were in need of repair.  Specifically the back entrance where there were two very large pot holes and at the intersection of Lakeshore Drive and Mill Road near the back entrance.  Mr. Cook stated he has been in contact with Cox-Edwards to get estimates on re-paving that section of road.


Danny Jackson: Lake Committee, Police Commissioner, Cable    


Mayor Pro-Tem Jackson reported that Foster Lake Management said that both lakes were in good condition.  They moved the fish and conducted a survey on both lakes to


Council Minutes, Page Four

July 28th, 2010


determine the fish that are in there.  He also reported that we will be lowering the lake this winter so that some residents may make repairs to their retaining walls.  We will also be holding another Crappie Tournament this winter. 


There were no complaints about the trash/recycle collection.


Regarding mosquito spraying, Mayor Pro-Tem Jackson asked Mr. Cook if we could see if any other small municipality would be interested in sharing the cost of purchasing “Scourge” which is the spray that we had used in the past. 


Mr. Cook added that Foster Lake Management has provided us with an herbicide to kill surface vegetation on the lake.  We have given it to some of the homeowners on the lake and with instructions from our Maintenance Department the homeowners are applying it to the vegetation in their yards with quite a bit of success.


Greg Ricker: Water & Sewer – Investment Committee 


Councilman Ricker reported that the investment committee had a meeting on July 12, 2010.  They had looked at the current rates for CD’s and the Capital Management Trust account and realized that the interest rate we are getting on the checking account through BB&T is better, so it was recommended that it be in the Village’s best interest to cash the CD and deposit it into the General Checking Account.  The investment committee will be scheduling another meeting in October.  Mr. Cook added that he had received a phone call from BB&T and was informed that our checking accounts were locked in at the same interest rate for the next year, therefore there will be no reduction in the interest rate.  Also, the audit committee is going to schedule a meeting for early August with the Auditor to discuss June’s year end numbers and discuss the upcoming projects.  .


Water & Sewer: We had two complaints about high Utility bills and he is currently looking into them individually. 


Councilman Ricker stated that we are still working on the upcoming sewer projects, specifically the Dogwood Trail lift station.  He and Mr. Cook are in the process of coming up with a Standard Operating Procedure manuals for utility bill issues.


Mayor Horne asked what are the consequences for residents that we believe or know are watering off the water system.  Mr. Ricker replied that they would be in direct violation of the ordinance and there would be a financial penalty incurred.  


Russ Prys: Planning Board


Councilman Prys asked Mayor Horne to appoint Larry Somerville to the Planning Board to replace Neal Benton.  Mayor Horne appointed Mr. Somerville to the Planning Board.


Council Minutes, Page Five

July 28th, 2010

Old Business: 


The Planning Board asked to have a Village Social on November 21st, 2010.  The council approved the request and stated that they would have a POC from the council by the joint session meeting with the Planning Board and Council in September. 


The council discussed the new resident Welcome Packet put together by the Planning Board.  Tom Shaw motioned that the council approve the Welcome Packet, the motion passed unanimously.


Regarding the flyer on Open Burning produced by the Planning Board, there was some discussion regarding some of the items on the flyer being opinion and not fact.  Mayor Pro-Tem Jackson said that he was ok with distributing the flyer that had already been adopted but not this new flyer.  Councilman Ricker motioned to approve the new flyer, and passed three for and one against. 


Mayor Horne brought up the fact a permit process for open burning had been discussed in previous meetings and has tabled it at this time.


Councilmembers had further discussion regarding the content of the Open Burning Flyer.  Councilman Ricker motioned to reconsider the flyer and take off the heading of “Village of Walnut Creek” and the Walnut Creek logo.  The motion passed unanimously.


Attorney Phil Baddour received a letter from the Trustee for the Bankruptcy for Cambridge Builders stating that the Trustee would like to abandon the property on Dobbs Place.  Attorney Baddour’s office is going to be sending a letter requesting they deed the property to the Village of Walnut Creek. 


A discussion was held regarding a dock that is potentially in violation of the Ordinance. 


New Business:



Councilman Shaw motioned to go into closed session to discuss the purchase of real estate.  The motion passed unanimously.


Closed Session:


Correspondence/ Announcements:



There being no further business to bring before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.




__________________________                         _________________________

    Clerk, Sharon Geelen                                        Mayor C. Darrell Horne


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