August 2010

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The Village of Walnut Creek Council met in Regular Session, August 25, 2010 at 7:30 PM, 103 Village Drive.



Mayor Darrell Horne

Mayor Pro-Tem Danny Jackson             Councilman Tom Shaw

Councilman Russ Prys                          *Councilman Greg Ricker

Administrator Lou Cook                         Clerk Sharon Geelen


Attorney Phil Baddour                         

Chief Ken Barrett


Residents in Attendance: Stoney Sloan, Steve Lamb

Mayor Horne led the pledge of allegiance.


Mayor Darrell Horne called the regular council session to order. Mayor Horne asked that Clerk Sharon Geelen talk about the new format for the July Monthly Finance Report.  She explained that this new format, although slightly different in appearance from what they are used to seeing, actually is pulled directly from QuickBooks virtually eliminating the possibility of errors. 


Mrs. Geelen then went on to explain the End of Year Finance Report. This is actually a new report that was generated after finding that some of the figures from the monthly finance reports through out the year were not correct.  After some discussion, Mayor Pro-Tem Jackson motioned to approve the report.  The motion passed unanimously.


Mayor Pro-Tem Jackson then made a second motion to approve the July Finance Report and minutes as they stand.  The motion passed unanimously.


Public Comments:  None


Planning Board Committee Report:


Mr. Sloan briefed the council on the following items; Open Air Burning Flyer went out with the August News Letter; the Welcome Packet has been approved, the Planning Board is waiting on reproduction of the packet so that it may be distributed to the members of the Crime Watch Committee who will be delivering them door-to-door. 


*Councilman Ricker was absent from the first part of the meeting but did not miss any voting opportunities.


Council Minutes, Page Two

August 25th, 2010


The Planning Board Members are trying to partner with the Country Club to make that a joint effort. 


The Village Social-they are in need of another Planning Board Member to head that up due to the current volunteer having to step down for health reasons.  Also that same member has resigned from the Planning Board and they are looking into finding a replacement.


Recreation Area-the Planning Board is currently working with the Lake Committee to come up with a proposal to ask for funds to have a survey and professional landscape design prepared.


Road Signs-have contacted DOT and are waiting a response from them.


Still pursuing a joint marketing effort with the club.


Joint Session with the Council; Waiting on direction from the council on clear-cutting of lots and parking on the grass on residential lots.


Road Map has not gone out, they are waiting to find out from the council how and when they want them to go out.


Mayor Horne asked Mr. Sloan when he thought they would have a proposal ready for the council to review on the Recreation Area.  Mr. Sloan was unsure, but stated that they are working with the Lake Committee members and believes the next step is to have a professional landscaping company come out and create a design and get an estimate on that design.  At this time he is unsure of how much something like that would cost.


Administrator Report:


Administrator Cook reported that Councilman Ricker offered the opening remarks at the Triathlon that was held on August 7th, and once again it was a huge success.  Mr. Cook reported that the August News Letter would be the last one that would be delivered to the residents at their homes due to the fact that the Post Office has sent notices regarding not putting them in mailboxes or even the newspaper holders.  The News Letter will be available on the Walnut Creek website.  There was some discussion regarding email the News Letter, Councilman Ricker is to check with Sean Geelen, from Geelen Network Systems, to see if it will be possible to email from the new website.


Mr. Cook discussed the new sewer camera system and that during the budget process they had discussed what they were going to charge residents if they requested that the Village Maintenance Staff come out and check their lines.  He asked if the council if they wanted to come up with a fair rate that the Village would charge and adopt that rate.  Councilman Ricker said that they are not trying to turn it into a “money maker” and that they are putting together some standard operating procedures and would like the council to discuss what that fee should be and put it in there.  After some discussion Mayor Pro-Tem Jackson stated that there really was not enough information to determine a fee that would be fair to all parties.  Mr. Cook is to meet with the Maintenance Supervisor and


Council Minutes, Page Three

August 25th, 2010


research more information so that the council may determine what they would like to charge for that service.


Administrator Cook stated that Elroy Fire Department’s contract and annual audit is on file in the office.  Mayor Horne asked about the notice that residents received regarding a proposal for re-districting of the fire department coverage areas.  Mr. Cook said that he had just received it himself in the mail the previous day.  Mayor Horne asked Mr. Cook to please look into it to see if it is going to affect the Village of Walnut Creek.  Mr. Cook also mentioned that the new bank account for security deposits for utilities and recycle containers has now been opened.  Councilman Prys pointed out that although the Village of Walnut Creek makes up almost 50% of Elroy Fire Departments revenue, we have no representation on their board.  Mayor Horne is to look into whether it is possible for the

Village to have a representative on that board.


Mr. Cook brought up that we have 2 fire hydrants that are leaking.  The hydrants have been turned off as to not allow the constant leak.  Elroy is aware that they are off and in the case of a fire they will turn them on to use them.  Mr. Cook received an estimate from Cox-Edwards of $3000 a piece to replace the leaking fire hydrants.  Options were discussed on what to do with the leaky hydrants.  No action at this time was taken by the council.    


Councilman Ricker is to discuss the proposals for the Dogwood Trail lift stations in his report.


Clerk Report:


Ms. Geelen stated that there has been no change regarding tax collection.  We are still at 97.96% collected.  There are only 2 residents that have not paid and Will Spicer at Attorney Baddour’s office is still working on it. 


Police Report – Chief Ken Barrett


There were no crimes to report.  There was a hand gun safety class for females, boater safety class and concealed weapons classes all went well.  The annual YMCA triathlon went great.  There will be a Hunter safety class set up for the end of September.  Chief Barrett also pointed out that with school starting back just to be aware of the children getting on and off the busses.  Mayor Horne asked Chief Barrett if he had the opportunity to do additional patrolling on the lake and he stated that they had, but with the end of the summer coming, the lake traffic has decreased. 


Committee Reports:


Tom Shaw: Webmaster, Village Owned Properties & Equipment  


Councilman Shaw talked about the recommendations for changing/replacing road signs in the Village of Walnut Creek.  Councilman Shaw, Mr. Cook, and Darren Howery rode around the village with the proposed recommendations that were submitted by the


Council Minutes, Page Four

August 25th, 2010


Planning Board and came up with a revision of the Planning Boards suggestions.  He went over the three page report (attached) with the council. 


During the discussion the question was posed by Mayor Pro-Tem Jackson to Attorney Baddour, that if he were to run a stop sign that is not DOT regulation size, would he have the grounds to fight the ticket?  Attorney Baddour said he would have to research that scenario.  Chief Barrett referred to his experience and that the correct wording is a “duly erected stop sign,” but the question remained, what constitutes “duly erected”?


Attorney Baddour referred to the ordinance regarding stop signs and no parking signs and noted that nothing has been updated on it since 1996.  He suggested to review the ordinance and make the appropriate changes to it to make it correct.  Also we need to make sure on the fishing signs we include property owners, residents, and country club members. 


Mr. Sloan requested that he, Chief Barrett, and Councilman Shaw get together to compare sign recommendations before the September 8th joint session. 


Danny Jackson: Lake Committee, Police Commissioner, Cable


No Report


Russ Prys: Planning Board


No Report


Greg Ricker: Water & Sewer – Investment Committee 


Councilman Ricker stated that the Auditor, Michael Jordan from Pittard, Perry & Crone, Inc, Mr. Cook, Mayor Horne, and himself met and started the preliminary discussion on the steps that it is going to take with LGC to fund the two lift station projects.  About a week later they met with the engineers and after looking at the engineering maps asked for a slight modification to where they were running one of the lines.  This reduced the estimate, excluding land costs, by $31,000.  On Michael Jordan’s recommendation before the approach the LGC they are getting estimates on both the Dogwood Trail and Wakena Point lift stations since they hope to do both projects within a short amount of time.  Scott Edwards is to have the Wakena Point recommendations prepared by September 20th so that they will have all the information for both lift stations before approaching the LGC.


Old Business: 


Councilman Ricker stated that the first rendition of the new website is available to anyone that would like to preview it. 


Mr. Cook reported that he has checked with the surrounding municipalities regarding what they are using to spray for mosquitoes and found that they are using the same product that the village is currently using. 


Council Minutes, Page Five

August 25th, 2010


Mr. Cook asked the council if they would like to renew their pledge to Impact Wayne County.  Mayor Pro-Tem Jackson motioned to approve a donation of $1,000 for the first year and will review the villages financial situation the following four years with the intention of donating an additional $1,000 each year or more if we can do it.  The motion passed unanimously.


The council also discussed the payment of American Legal Publishing.  Mayor Pro-Tem Jackson motioned to approve payment.  The motion passed unanimously.



New Business:



Mayor Pro-Tem Jackson motioned to go into closed session to discuss the purchase of real estate and discussion of a personnel matter.  The motion passed unanimously.


Closed Session:


Correspondence/ Announcements:



There being no further business to bring before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.




__________________________                         _________________________

    Clerk, Sharon Geelen                                        Mayor C. Darrell Horne


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