May 2012

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The Village of Walnut Creek Council met in Regular Session, May 23rd, 2012 at 7:30 PM, 103 Village Drive.


Mayor Pro-Tem Greg Ricker                       Councilman Tom Shaw

Councilman Russ Prys                            Councilman Stoney Sloan

Administrator Lou Cook                           Clerk Sharon Geelen

Chief Ken Barrett                                         Attorney Phil Baddour

Absent: Mayor Darrell Horne

Residents in Attendance: Bob Biggers and Danny Jackson

Mayor Pro-Tem Greg Ricker called the meeting to order.

Councilman Sloan led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Pro-Tem Ricker stated that the council needed to add a closed session to the agenda. Councilman Sloan moved to add a closed session to the agenda and approve the agenda with that change. The motion passed unanimously. Mayor Pro-Tem Ricker asked for a motion to accept the Finance Report and April Minutes. Clerk Geelen stated that she had a replacement for the General Account Reconciliation in the Finance Report. Councilman Shaw moved to approve the April Minutes and Finance Report with the correction. The motion passed unanimously.

Public Comments:


Planning Board:

Chairman Danny Jackson explained the Planning Board has been working on a new resolution for zoning which takes into consideration all of the subdivisions in Walnut Creek so they all fall under the same guidelines for new construction and if someone wants to change their roof or footprint of their home.

Mayor Pro-Tem Ricker told Mr. Jackson he would like there to be more Planning Board Members at the June meeting where they will hold the Public Hearing regarding the new Zoning Resolution.

Council Minutes, Page Two

May 23rd, 2012

Manager Report:

Mr. Cook announced that the Mayor has appointed the following people to a committee that will make recommendations to the council regarding deer hunting in the Village: Tom Shaw (Chairman), Michael Gooden, Sean Geelen, Lou Cook, and Ken Barrett.

Mr. Cook stated that at the last Planning Board meeting there was some discussion to continue with the Road Map project that they distribute a new Road Map Survey. The Planning Board would like committee to develop the survey to include some residents and not just be made up of Planning Board members. Mr. Cook said that with the council’s concurrence the Planning Board would like to solicit volunteers on the website for any resident that would be interested in being on the committee to develop the survey. Councilman Shaw moved that the Village post on the Website to solicit volunteers to assist the Planning Board in developing a new Road Map survey. After some discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Cook announced that SASI Youth Group will be using Lake Wackena on June 18th and 19th to teach canoeing skills.

Mr. Cook stated that the Village office will be closed in observance of Memorial Day Monday, May 28th 2012.

Mr. Cook went over the April Budget Ordinance Amendment. He stated that in the General Account we needed to increase line 102-Attorney by $1,000, decrease line 230-Equipment Purchase by $1,000, increase line 330-Elroy Fire Department by $3,321.11 and decrease line 410-Lake Maintenance by $3,321.11. Mr. Cook also stated in the Utility Fund they needed to increase line 710-Administration by $150, increase line 730-Well Maintenance by $900, decrease line 740-Environmental Testing by $500, decrease line 750-Water Meter Maintenance by $100, decrease line 755-Chlorine by $500 and increase line 775-Employee Training by $50. Councilman Russ Prys moved to approve the Budget Ordinance Amendment. The motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Pro-Tem Ricker presented Darren Howery, Maintenance Supervisor, with a plaque for 10 years of service with the Village of Walnut Creek.

Clerk Report:

Ms. Geelen went over the Tax Revenue sheet she handed out to the council.  She also stated that there are still 2 property owners that are delinquent on their property taxes and that has been turned over to our attorney’s office.

Police Chief Report:

Chief Barrett stated that the bridge project on Lake Wackena Road is approximately ¾ done.

Chief Barrett also said that the police department has been working on making sure all boats on the lakes have proper stickers.

Council Minutes, Page Three

May 23rd, 2012

Chief Barrett said that there are no more proms scheduled. There were a few issues with speeding and littering that were addressed by the police department.

He also stated that at last month’s Crime Watch meeting the Goldsboro Police Explorers were there and did a great presentation for all that attended the meeting.  Chief Barrett said that the Crime Watch meetings will be in recess for the summer and will resume on September 11th, 2012.

Chief Barrett announced that Training and Standards, which holds the Police Department certification, conducted an audit of the Police Department. There were just a few minor items that needed to be addressed and they have been resolved.

Committee Reports

Tom Shaw-Planning Board, Police Commissioner, Web Master

No Report

Russ Prys-Water & Sewer Commissioner, Insurance

Councilman Prys stated that the electric box at Wackena Point needs a shelter.  He has received three bids on the project and Wayne Electric was by far the cheapest at $4650.  Councilman Prys said it is important to get this shelter built as the electric box is in the sun and with the heat of the summer coming he would like to have it built as soon as possible.  Councilman Prys moved that the council approve the building of the shelter for the electrical box.  The motion passed unanimously.

Stoney Sloan-Village Owned Property

Councilman Sloan stated that the front entrance clean-up is almost complete.  He also said that the three road projects have been engineered but are on hold waiting to find out information regarding the sewer project.

Councilman Sloan said that he has been in contact with some landscape architects and will be getting together with the Planning Board to discuss the plan to spruce up the village owned property.

Greg Ricker-Lake Committee, Fire Department, Cable, Trash & Recycling

Mayor Pro-Tem Ricker stated that there was no action from the Audit Committee.  He also said that the Lake Committee would like to thank the council for putting some money in the 2012-2013 budget for the lake project.

Old Business:

Animal Control Ordinance:

Attorney Baddour gave the council an updated version of the ordinance.

Councilman Sloan explained the ordinance and why he feels the need to update the existing ordinance.  Councilman Sloan moved that the council approve the new ordinance.  Councilmen Sloan and Prys voted for the ordinance, Councilman Shaw voted against.  The motion passed two to one.

Council Minutes, Page Four

May 23rd, 2012

New Business:

Mr. Cook stated that the council has asked Attorney Baddour to draft an ordinance regarding sewer hookup.  Mr. Baddour stated there still needs to be some discussion regarding the ordinance and it will be on next month’s agenda.

Mr. Cook talked about the maintenance department needing a new truck as the current truck being used has almost 200,000 miles on it.  Councilman Russ Prys moved that Mr. Cook, along with Councilman Sloan, work to acquire a new truck for the maintenance department in the current year.  The motion passed unanimously.



Councilman Shaw moved to go into closed session. The motion passed unanimously.

Closed Session:

There being no further business to bring before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.

__________________________ _________________________

Clerk, Sharon Geelen                                                  Mayor C. Darrell Horne


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